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Run Peter Run EP – skirted 25

RELEASE DATE Oct 2 UK/Oct 3 NZ 9 -10 pm/am respectively

The 3-song ep Run Peter Run is the 25th release by skirted records. The title track being the first single from the new album (due likely early 2023). Buru and Good as Goldie are new versions of older tunes.

Drums and bass recorded by Vanya at Scumbag College 2020 and 2021.

Additional bass, vocals etc at the sterile homestead.

Electronics on Buru by Indra Menus, Yogyakarta.

Slide guitar on Good as Goldie, and some superb tech assistance, by David Long, Pōneke.

Mixed and master by Stephen Cole, at What Studio, Liverpool.

Massive thanks again to Nicole from Nice Assets for the help with the cups!!

Run Peter Run

“We kept up the pressure despite the approach of the Olympic Games, but you could sense that the government’s final onslaught was coming” P Taibo, 68

’68 was a hell of a year. The Soviet invasion of Prague, the Vietnam war and protests, assassinations of key figures in US history, as well as a student massacre in Mexico City two weeks before the torch igniting the symbolic flame celebrating spirit, knowledge and life opened the Olympic Games.

Defying the powerful has always been a dangerous and unforgiving act.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, 1st and 3rd respectively, became infamous for the Black Power salute on the dais during the medal ceremony for their success in the 200 metre sprint.

Lesser remembered is Australia athlete Peter Norman, 2nd place, who stood solidly alongside Smith and Carlos.

Prior to the ceremony Norman became aware of the action and offered both encouragement and support. The photo of that action has become iconic. However Norman willingness to stand beside these two earned the ire of authorities back home. 40 years pasted before the government offered a posthumous apology to Norman for the treatment he received for standing in ally-ship with Carlos and Smith in the fight for justice.

To date no-one in the Oceanic region has been been able to beat Normans saint time.


The Earth of Mankind, Book 1 P. Toer

Based on the books The Buru Quartet by the Javanese author Pramoedya Ananta Toer. A tale of the Indonesian experiences and injustices of colonisation under Dutch rule. These books, written between 1980-88, were banned by the government for many years in Indonesia. The ban was lifted in 2000.

Toer commenced writing these books in a oral fashion while incarcerated on Buru Island detention centre. Authorities denied Toer the ability to write for two years while imprisoned. Undeterred Toer started the ‘writing’ process by composing and verbally telling the story to fellow inmates in instalments.

We are very lucky to have the sonic contribution by our friend Indra Menus for this track. Menus is a continuous supporter, creator and facilitator of adventurous music and sound in the city of Yogyakarta, Java.

The original version appeared on the cd that accompanied our 2006 tour to Java, Indonesia. Chrissie Butler [bass, vocals] 
Jeff Henderson [Saxophone, Vocals] 
Dave Mike [Guitar, vocals] 
mr sterile [drums, vocals]

Good as Goldie

Karl Sim, reportedly the 8th best art forger in the world, was born in the Manawatū region, into a family who knew how to spectacularly stir things up.


Sim became famous in the mid 80’s by becoming the first, and only person, convicted for art forgery in Aotearoa New Zealand. His catalog is extensive, the full extent unknown, possibly even unidentifiable to the expert eye. But his main identification is with the painter C F Goldie.

We had the opportunity to meet the old boy a couple of times. On one occasion he told us that there was a story waiting to be published which included some escapades that he hadn’t got caught for. His story just seemed to good not to tell.

A new book on the life of Sim was posthumous published in 2019.

We wrote about Karl at the news of his death.

We are very lucky to have the sonic contribution by our friend David Long who beautifully rendered these guitar lines using two local legends Bill Sevesi and Peter Posa as inspiration.

The original version of this song appeared on the 2009 album Bug my Ride.
Sarsha Douglas [bass, vocals] 
Chrissie Butler [bass, vocals] 
mr sterile [drums, vocals]

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