non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

‘Tis the season [nearly] to Splurge on Merch

Run Peter Run

Recent additions to the skirted Records store are the new mr sterile Assembly 3 song coffee cup Run Peter Run – hand made by sterile themselves, each uniquely wonky yet functional. This release [skirted 25] is the first release for the new album coming out sometime 2023.

Along with this bespoke goodness are a few handmade tapes – never played but liberated from their previous existence and repackage anew! boom



The obscure, oddball, dadaesque oddity that is Ba-Umf now available on a re-jiggled cassette. This jaunty release is wrapped up in a jaundiced Santa sleeve.

This is a collaborative ongoing musical project between mr Snakebeings and mr sterile called SMES-21. New recordings are in the pipes.


And finally, coming soon in the new mr sterile sHIT single Speaking in Dungs in a special interactive format!!!

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