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The adolescent Hulagu

Hulagu albumOn the 10th of December 2004 Hulagu, the first album for the mr sterile Assembly, was released into the world. And today marks it’s tenth birthday. Who would have thought this project would still be going after this length of time?

It was a monumental first release, no clear plan or direction but an exuberant outworking of the first songs into the sterile world. It gained wheels and traveled and played. We managed to even tour eastern Europe on the back of this release, with the help of great community support here, and brilliant friends in the Czech Republic.

IMGP0169One abiding precious memory was arriving to play in a small cafe in Slovakia, the album had no distribution here but when we played the song Feed the Machine the whole front row started to sing along! This was a first direct experience of the beauty of peer-to-peer sharing. Somehow these people had found access to the audio files via a much younger internet and adsorbed the tune, it was magic and a great lesson in connectivity!

Massive thanks must be lain at the feet of Hilary Binder and Chris Rankin, from SABOT, then based in the arts space CESTA, Tabor, Czech Republic, for planting such an awesome seed of an adventure in our minds.


IMGP0167But more so, the bigger thanks need to go to the players in this early iteration of sterile: Jana Whitta, Elisa Kersley, Cara Conroy, Aaron Lloydd and Francesca Mountfort for adding their music, enthusiasm and confidence in this endeavour.

On listening to this album a few months ago, for the first time in many years,  was pleasantly surprised at how much it still seemed to hold it ownt, it seems to pass a continuous personal quality and remain comfortable in the continuum of what we have gone on to make. Line-ups, instrumentation and presentations have hulagureleasepic1changed greatly but essentially the song still remains the same, looking for optimisms, cracks in the accepted narrative, words from the shadows and front-lines, words of different angles, words of hopes.

Also, a huge shout out to Aidan and Rob who were the very generous and responsible hosts. They were the team who had their hands on the mics, knobs, faders, making sure what ever we did sounded as good as it good.

Finally, an ongoing thanks is towards the local animator Mike Hayes who made this lovely stop motion animation to the title track, it still holds an enduring magic!

It’s been a remarkable journey, full of silly stories, tiny adventures, and wonderful life-validating moments.

Thanks for it all!


MSA thank you you're beautifulHere is the last photo from the last show this line-up played in Gryfino, Poland.



Big day today – Happy Birthday Chrissie Butler!

Chrissie Butler's Birthday A very special day today!

On the 4th December 1964, a very young Chrissie Butler birthed forth into this glorious domain.

I hope the day is a wonderful celebration, and all that follow it!

It is an extreme delight to spend such precious time in your company, to travel on adventures, and making raucous fun along the way. It is inspiring, unfolding and rewarding, long may it continue! It is the best!

Massive birthday wished to you


mr sterile

Kill your Sandy Friends

SandBand Our first show in Wellington for sometime.

More new tunes to try out, come and be a guinea pig

Playing with Kill your Friends and Sand Band

Thursday 4 December 2015

Valhalla, Vivian Street, Wellington


Great Job

We have just completed a fantastic couple of shows in the towns of Levin and Palmerston North.
Levin was at a community-run, membership basis venue called the Alternative Entertainment Bureau. The A.E.B is a totally sterling, supportive, welcoming and inclusive group, making welcome a wider range or people across the age span. What it lacks in fancy equipment(though it was absolutely perfect for us) it makes up in heart. It’s brilliant to see such a wonderful thing happening in Levin. A special treat to play with Fusion, a couple of lads from Himatangi, aged 11 & 13. They play five of their own compositions, swapping instruments, and engaging with the audience – who were super supportive and encouraging. What a great environment for these young players to test the water and gain confidence.

In Palmerston North we played at Great Job, a great youth-focused, all-ages, crowd-funded & dry venue. A bright upstairs venue putting on a structured format for local. Nice back-line provided, and again very easy and welcoming. It was super cool to see a bunch of folk from Levin and Himatangi make the small hike over to Palmy to see the show

This video was filmed by a bloke fromthe Czech Republic, who had happened to be Living in Palmy. cheers for uploading it.

Out of the city!

10504822_10203100191609866_2525614732815216536_oFriday the 7th: Members $5, Membership available at door $10, doors open at 5pm, open mic 5-6.30pm
mr sterile assembly , Hiroshima 4, Fusion(11 and 13 years old) and the Gnomes.
At Alternative Entertainment Bureau

And this image is for a show this Saturday in Palmerston North at Great Job.

There seems to be a flourish of independent D.I.Y-styled venues popping up in the provincial towns – excellent.



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