non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Show specs

We’re very easy.

If we’re traveling with our gear (with our drums and bass amp), our PA requirements are TWO vocal mics. If mixer is provided then they can decide re:mixing the gear.

Boom mic stands are the ideal!

If we are traveling with minimal equipment only(bass guitar, pedals —  cymbals & clamps, snare, kick pedal-> where weight allows)

Chrissie bass requirements: x1 Bass amp

mr sterile drum requirements: x1 rack tom, x1 floor tom, hi-hat, snare stand [solid please], seat [again solid and sturdy please], x3 straight cymbal stands, x1 boom cymbal stand.

Also: we will need a place to get change – back room, bathroom, changing room – it usually takes 20-25 minutes for us to get ready.


sterile 2019 Tech Spec

The kit is along the lines of this…