non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand


Palmy2014File under: Non-Fiction Rock; Genre-fluid

mr sterile Assembly is currently a noisy bass and drum duo from Aotearoa New Zealand, deep in the South Pacific.

Part punk, part noise, math rock, free-form squall; they are not easy to box, and are quite happy about that.

Known as much for their word smithing as for their fierce delivery – they have been described as “oppressive and delightful both at the same time.” Organ Magazine, UK.

The duo are also known for their tours, taking uncompromising music to venues dotted around the planet.

Take a listen on Bandcamp to “A jolt of pure creative spirit married to social commentary, and damn good fun!”  NZ Musician.

“Catch them if you can. There’s nothing else like it.” Nick Bollinger