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Rebooting back to action


It’s been a fair while since any update. Seems like we took a year off.

So feeling rested, reorientated and recuperated we hit the sticks again, with a bunch of new project.

First a number of shows coming up – Wellington, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. Plus we are in the early stages of planning for a much bigger tour at the end of the year.

We have a new look, some new stories and tunes to present to you.

And there are two new solo albums and one remastered album to be released on the bands own label skirted Records. The first is  beautiful new atmospheric and acoustic collection of five pieces of sound from DSLB, piped out from bellows over the green pasture of the Manawatu. The album is called TwoHandsTwice.

The second is Haters, Wreckers and other Friends by mr sterile. The most recent collect of random ramblings compiled into one particularly rock collection. Putting the uncomfortable in to the comfort zone.  UPDATE: And already these’s a nice wee preliminary review from the Organ Mag in London!

And finally is a new remastering and repackaging of the mr sterile solo album The General Pathetic. More lo-fi and chaotic the album spans the some of the solo sounds from 2005-2012.

Each album is to be assembly by hand, limited to 50 physical pieces only and to be released early April

The General Pathetic – new solo album by mr sterile

PacifierThe long procrastinated album The General Pathetic, a solo collection from mr sterile, is officially now complete! and online (only at this point in time) in our SHOP.  A limited number of physical copies will be available in a month or two from shows only.

Nine rambling, junkish, stumbling songs. A couple of the tunes were recorded and unearthed from the early to mid last decade, the rest are more recent. Guest appearances by Chrissie Butler and early sterile performer Francesca Mountfort.

A release last year called Setting Fire to Bob, released on 8″ acetate by Root Don Lonie for Cash, is the companion piece to General Pathetic. The track Setting Fire has been remastered and rightfully now belongs alongside the rest of this racket.

So please, pop over and download. It’s up to your discretion should you wish to leave a few dollars for the album, always appreciated, but if funds are an issue, then no worries.

It feels good to clear this from the decks.