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Pop Sickle

Stefan Neville - Pop Sickle, 2010

Stefan Neville - Pop Sickle, 2010

Hidden to the world, just below the Desert road
At war, amongst the tussock, in the cold
Partners? Only partly to these confidential men
‘Til you will not do what you’ve been told
Talk floats free, swimming in the southern sky
Via code, culling chatter, and assess
Fragments of a sound, find exact frequencies
Then deliver all the data at behest

Block Buchanan, there’s no home in this port
Civil stand, no place to anchor, challenge made
‘Know you place’, states the radio-silent reprimand
If compliant, could the Rainbow have been saved?
Penance built on action, construct a second base
Bigger ears, expanded reference, tighter nets
Modern, motivated, collude on rules of trade
Deny complicit when the human targets bled

Hoist on truck      Garden tool
Firm belief            Wild luck
April night            Minus fog
Just as well           Ditch the truck
By the fence          Wires cut
Father’s snip         Has no spark
Bypass guard        To the dome
Go on foot            In the dark
Stand at base       Reason clear
Hesitate?              Do the task
Hide the blade     To the hilt
Slow exhale         Faceless mask
Watch deflate       Flaccid tent
Inflate hope         In bold contrast

No crown of satellites, no electric fence
No silence or denial, or fear of jurisprudence
With personal around the clock, all resource available
Could not stop the honest work of these three men
And a single sickle

For Adrian Leason, Peter Murnane and Sam Land:
Who undressed the Waihopi spy base in 2008 to reveal and remind NZ of its’ complicit involvement in Western acts of aggression.
For all others who resist the war.

I Robert

Garage Collective - I Robert, 2010

Garage Collective - I Robert, 2010

I am a man to gather data’s dust
I am a man of sneaky schemes
I am a man of hidden intent
Who is secretly sent, I stoop to any means
I convey the secrets of acquaintance & friends
The ambitious talk & the radical plan
I am entrapment to the wait of police hands
I am a man of sneaky means

I am a man to gather trouble’s trust
I am a man who earns a buck
I am a man with powerful friends
Who’ll use any means while I’m in good luck
I travel & meet, I sleep & I play
I live this deceit, and live on good pay
It’s espionage in the bold light of day
Don’t believe what I say I am a man of errant luck

Gone, it’s all finished!
It’s all public and kaput!
Leaving Robert named
Crowned king of ill-repute
Hard drive got corrupt
Reveal the evidence in email
It was the
Scores of police contact
That tore away the veil

Is, Is he? Isn’t he? Isn’t he? Is! S P Y

I am a man of tradition unmasked
I am a man with a decade laid waste
I am a man whose friends have all split
This Judas kiss tastes of shame & disgrace
I collected & kept, I passed it along
The gossip & gas in the big hunt for wrong
To the powers in power who plan & respond
Who have left me & gone
With the fallout of this famed disgrace

This song is about a chap from the city of Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, who was ousted for being an undercover informant for the NZ police. For 10 years he toured the country, at quite some expense to the NZ tax payer, gathering trivia and detail on the actions of various activist groups. This James Bond was uncovered when his partner at the time was asked to fix his malfunctioning computer. She discovered years of contact with the police.

There is an article here from PEACE RESEARCHER giving an in depth look at this story

Super big thanks to Garage Collective who created this beautiful image to accompany the song.