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New vids from the vaults

While trawling through that old cardboard box in the top of the cupboard, the one that I call Archive, I stumbled across a disc containing most of sterile’s  first performance at the Czech venue Vrah in 2005. Vrah is reportedly one of the oldest eastern punk European squats, and is in the town of  Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Discovering this disc again is a wonderful find. I had forgotten how good the quality of the video was. So, utilising some slick imovie skill the following clip was compiled for you pleasure. (If the person who filmed this see’s this, please contact me so I can credit you properly)

It was an astounding tour, the quality of the audio on the disc is brilliant, and it was a thoroughly engaging evening. It was brilliant to find these two songs in their entirety, Krashenbanger’s Return, and Flash and Exposure. It was a stirling line-up at this show.

The next clip was inspired in part from finding the previous disc, AND that were were making a presentation for the ICOT Conference, an international conference on thinking. Our presentation is mostly around the development of the album Transit, the thought processes around re-imagining, design, planning, and taking opportunities. In part of the presentation we need a few minutes to change, so we created the following video. This is a (not complete) video compilation of the last 12 years in a five minutes clip. We based it on the original video for the song Hulagu, from our first album of the same name, made by video artist  Mike Heynes (see below).


The original Hulagu video by Mike Heynes