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April’s mini-tourette

April 3 2015Been a while since commenting here, this is the first for the year, and it’s already a quarter through.

Firstly, this easter weekend we having our first shows for the year on this mini-tourette of Whanganui/Palmerston North and Levin.It would be lovely to see you all, it’s been a while and will be nice to be out and about once again.

Friday 3 – Whanganui – Space Monster with Vorn and Gold MedalFamous
Saturday 4 -Palmerston North – Great Job with Felix and Jack and P90s
Sunday afternoon 5 – Levin – Alternative Entertainment Bureau – 10 bands/10 bucks! – with Black Chrome, The G/Nomes, Valerie and one of my personal all-time-favorites NZ punk bands No Idea!

Next though, is work is progressing nicely on what will be our next album – with the working title of either Persona Ficta, or It’s All Over, yet to be fully decided. We’re finishing off the demos and honing some of the ideas, and stripping back others. We’re certainly leaning towards lean. It’s the thinking about it that often takes the longest and then ‘blink’ it’s all over.

Great Job

We have just completed a fantastic couple of shows in the towns of Levin and Palmerston North.
Levin was at a community-run, membership basis venue called the Alternative Entertainment Bureau. The A.E.B is a totally sterling, supportive, welcoming and inclusive group, making welcome a wider range or people across the age span. What it lacks in fancy equipment(though it was absolutely perfect for us) it makes up in heart. It’s brilliant to see such a wonderful thing happening in Levin. A special treat to play with Fusion, a couple of lads from Himatangi, aged 11 & 13. They play five of their own compositions, swapping instruments, and engaging with the audience – who were super supportive and encouraging. What a great environment for these young players to test the water and gain confidence.

In Palmerston North we played at Great Job, a great youth-focused, all-ages, crowd-funded & dry venue. A bright upstairs venue putting on a structured format for local. Nice back-line provided, and again very easy and welcoming. It was super cool to see a bunch of folk from Levin and Himatangi make the small hike over to Palmy to see the show

This video was filmed by a bloke fromthe Czech Republic, who had happened to be Living in Palmy. cheers for uploading it.