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New vids from the vaults

While trawling through that old cardboard box in the top of the cupboard, the one that I call Archive, I stumbled across a disc containing most of sterile’s  first performance at the Czech venue Vrah in 2005. Vrah is reportedly one of the oldest eastern punk European squats, and is in the town of  Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Discovering this disc again is a wonderful find. I had forgotten how good the quality of the video was. So, utilising some slick imovie skill the following clip was compiled for you pleasure. (If the person who filmed this see’s this, please contact me so I can credit you properly)

It was an astounding tour, the quality of the audio on the disc is brilliant, and it was a thoroughly engaging evening. It was brilliant to find these two songs in their entirety, Krashenbanger’s Return, and Flash and Exposure. It was a stirling line-up at this show.

The next clip was inspired in part from finding the previous disc, AND that were were making a presentation for the ICOT Conference, an international conference on thinking. Our presentation is mostly around the development of the album Transit, the thought processes around re-imagining, design, planning, and taking opportunities. In part of the presentation we need a few minutes to change, so we created the following video. This is a (not complete) video compilation of the last 12 years in a five minutes clip. We based it on the original video for the song Hulagu, from our first album of the same name, made by video artist  Mike Heynes (see below).


The original Hulagu video by Mike Heynes

Homeopathic Armageddon 2012

Sterile GothicWell, the world hasn’t ended, again. Better luck next time Apocalypse! However, there was a small suggestion that perhaps this time round it was more likely a homeopathic catastrophe,  that is that the more dilute and insipid the event, the greater the final cataclysm. The date of departure though, that’s another matter…

The year is ending however. And in some ways it has been a quiet one for us. A few shows earlier in the year, and a couple to close 2012. And though it may have seemed like a bit of a public void in the middle, I can vouch that we haven’t been slack. This year we journeyed from Invercargill to Auckland for a few shows, released a solo mr sterile album, and took our Transit exhibition to Dunedin and won an award at the finge festival. But essentially we have been spending a great deal of time working on new tunes, along with some close personal evaluation.

The Transit album/exhibition/project has been a success well beyond any initial intention. It has taken us to venues we wouldn’t have imagined, opened doors, conversations, and opportunities for experiences far exceeding the act of playing a simple tune or two. And along the way we collected some sterling reviews.

But it is time to move on, and for the most of this year we have been focusing on the ‘what next?’. Song writing basically, of which we now have a bunch of new songs in our repertoire, and a few more in the wings. It always takes a lot longer than personal impatience demands to finish these things. The research can take ages, then the banging and hammering required to transform ideas to music. It’s been a bit of a struggle at times, but a struggle of the good variety.

And a new transitional costume, beautifully photographed by Roger Grauwmeijer.

So far the plan is that by the end of 2013 we will have written, worked, and developed enough material for a new album.

So now it’s time to start planning for next year.

There is one last act for Transit. On Wednesday January 23 we are presenting at ICOT, the International Conference on Thinking[1.45 – 3pm]. Essentially we are going to “…provide insight into the creation of the collaborative work “Transit” as an example of what is possible when you rethink the paramaters of a familiar activity – the production of an album of music. In [our] unique style [we] will tell stories about Transit’s connection and continuing impact on a small community in south east Java, the creation of the 11 related art works by prominent contemporary NZ artists, the touring exhibition and the glitch music video project.” 

Next, we are playing at the Wine Cellar in Auckland February  2, CANCELLED. We are planning to play more in 2013, if you are interested in discussing with us the possibility of coming to play where you are, then please get in contact and we can negotiate from there. Discussions of touring further afield are back on the table too…but where?

Our glitch video project is also back on the boil. So all those that sent in contributions to the video, your work has not been forgotten, and hopefully we will be able to present something that may make you go OMG!

And finally, we plan to announce SOON the release of Chrissie’s DSLB solo album, a spectacular way to close the year.

Happy new year all.