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11182658_973201626032262_554036111875116669_oAn amazing show to be playing at this weekend coming – the incredible Onslaught festival held annually in Dunedin. And this years line-ups is a genuine pearler!!!

Organised by Mark from Bazooka this event is in its’ 11th year. It’ll be a full day of a vast array of bands from the south, but happily a little of the North gets in there as well. We think it’s extra brilliant that a couple of bands are from Levin! (Some say the Gore of the North). Levin, is after all, the home of the A.E.B, a mighty fine community venue and one of our particular favourite digs to play. it is also the home of the legendary NZ Punk band No Idea!

It’s possibly been almost 30 years since No Idea last played Dunedin, so this one is gonna be one for the books!

Here is the line-up:

AFTERNOON SHOW: Doors Open 1.30
2.00-2.35 Slitzkrieg
2.35-3.10 Infinite Justice
3.10-3.55 Suicide Bombers
3.55-4.40 Mince On Toast

EVENING SHOW: Supper served at 5.00
5.30-6.00 Whiskey And The Wench
6.00-6.45 mr sterile Assembly
6.45-7.30 The G-Nomes
7.30-8.15 Sawdust
8.15-9.00 Gripper
9.00-9.45 Spiteful Urinator
9.45-10.30 Fantails
10.30-11.15 No Idea
11.15-12.00 Pavement Saw
12.00-12.30 Rattface
12.30-1.00 Bazooka
1.00-2;00 DJ Skullduggery (and between each band).

Up The Punks!

Up The Punks Poster, Wellington 2012

It has been a very head-down winter, with very little steps out of the shadows. Mostly we have been tucked away in the warm against the side of a hill looking for longer and warmer days.

But it hasn’t been all big socks and fire-stoking. In August we took a short jaunt to Auckland to participate in the Audio Foundation‘s Now!Here! Festival, “…a three-day celebration with New Zealand / Aotearoa’s inventive and accomplished sound artists and musicians championing the experimental and avant-garde in all its multitudinous, intriguing and unpredictable forms”, and there we were. In addition to this, a book was published called Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand,in which mr sterile Assembly also feature alongside many other adventurous music makers, check it out.

Mostly though, we have been busy working on a selection of new tunes. And they are birthing nicely. Subject matter covering the expanse from confessions of a useless shoplifter, non-human entities, alternate local histories, UFO myths, a little stinking fundamental proselytizing, and the legend of Cthulhu…the usual stuff…

And, we can very proudly say that we have the very good fortune to be playing at the closing of the very exciting Up The Punks 2012 exhibition. This vast archiving project has undertaken the task of collating 35 years of Capital city punk rock. This exhibition makes ten years since the project first exhibited. Opening night November 6, closing night Saturday November 10, all ages, $10. And it’s a hell of a line-up for the final night if we can say: Fantails, Rogernomix, Johnny & the Felchers, So So Modern, The All Seeing Hand, AND Flesh D-Vice!!!

And finally, as a small squeak from the past, we came across this online blog, Mad Blasts of Kiwi Chaos. The site presents Loosehead, the group mr sterile’s drummed with prior to the mr sterile identity. The tape, First Aid Kit, was the first release in Wellington by Loosehead and was compiled from a series of recording sessions. I haven’t downloaded it so am not sure of the quality. However, good quality digital files have been handed over to the site admin’s at Up The Punks, and all Loosehead recordings will be available for free download from the Up The Punks site soon!

And FINALLY, that crowd-sourced video is temporarily on hold as one of the busy Up The Punks collators, is also our director/editor/what-have-you. Normal screening will resume shortly.

UPDATE: As mentioned, the entire catalog of Loosehead recordings, the Wellington era, are now available on the Up The Punks webpage.