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Transit: The music video!

On Saturday 9 February, with the raising of 3 glasses of whisky, we launched the latest addition to the ongoing evolving collection of developments for the project we call TRANSIT.

This new addition is the music video to the song Transit developed in partnership with Wellington film maker and photographer, John Lake.

We wanted to approach the construction of this video as a collaborative flexible project, so  lots of the development happened online via Google Docs, alongside the regular meetings. This way we could continue to add ideas, bang thoughts around, and share provocations of how we thought the visuals could take shape.

After a day of filming raw band footage we came to the idea to crowd-source a choir for a specific section in the song. We created a call-out to interested people, and then waited for the responses to return to us. We collected twelve home-made clips in total, from as far afield as Sweden, Czech Republic, Okinawa, France, Australia, Auckland and Invercargill. We received more footage than could be actually be used but we loved what was sent, and we hope you are all happy with what we have done with your contributions. The actual graft work was all John, we were simply the unhuh?folk, the what if? folk, the how about? folk.

John, we want to say, “Huge  thanks and gratitude for your willingness, patience and inspiration”. Thanks also to Mark Leong for helping out with the space for the filming of the band.

THANK YOU to the following for contributing to the crowd sourced section:

  • David Edwards
  • Tao Well
  • Maurice Priestley
  • Jo Davidsson
  • Steve Dean and the Neuro ward staff
  • Los Black Dog
  • Chris Rankin
  • Hilary Binder
  • Katrena Kemp
  • Shaun Helmsley
  • Eric Boros
  • Marylise Frenchville & Ildiko
  • Emitir Snake-Beings
  • Blair Jones
  • Simon Hartman
  • Paul Harvey