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Australian legends DEAD tour NZ

Our good friends DEAD from Australia are plunging onto these shore’s, we lucky lucky antipodeans, here’s their press release.

Australian group DEAD come to NZTwo piece DIY Punk/Sludge unit DEAD are touring in support of their debut LP – THUNDAAAAAH! It’s a great album and you should probably buy it.

Released on LP/Digital via their own label WeEmptyRooms (Hard Ons, Fire Witch, Dad They Broke Me etc.) the band has already toured South East Asia and USA extensively to promote the albums regional release on LP (WantageUSA) and Cassette (Ricecooker).

DEAD features members of Fire Witch, Fangs of… and Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour.

Their U.S tour with Unstoppable Death Machines saw them play 30 dates right across the country including shows with Hammerhead, Vaz, Gay Witch Abortion, Hex Machine, Thrones and label mates Big Business, White Shit, Pygmy Shrews and Japanther. All those bands were great but DEAD are better.

In South East Asia they trained, planed and bussed between Malaysia, Singapore, Java and Philippines including a bill with seminal punk band Carburetor Dung.

In Australia they have run up and down the east coast more times than one cares to count, visited places few bands of their ilk ever play, supported Earthless (USA), Cough (USA), Eagle Twin (USA), Monarch (France), Hard Ons and more and gotten very loud and very sweaty in living rooms, record stores, galleries and pubs along the way.

All this in less than a year of existence!

In short; DEAD don’t fuck around.
They print their own merch on non sweat-shop and recycled garments, tour relentlessly and show no signs of slowing down. A DEAD show is a full body experience. It is not for everyone but can you risk not finding out?

DEAD will play the 6th Camp A Low Hum music festival as well as a string of other North Island dates.

Feb 8th – Whanganui: Arc Theatre – $10
+ Mr. Sterile Assembly & Night Terrors
Feb 9th – Palmerston Nth: The Royal $10
+ Black Pudding, Wall of Silents & Cephalopod
Feb 10/11 – Camp A Low Hum – ALL AGES
Feb 12 – Wellington: Freds* – $10/ALL AGES  7pm
+ Mr Sterile Assembly & Faintails
Feb 16 – Great Barrier Is: Old Bike Shop* – ALL AGES
Feb 17th – Hamilton: Static
+ God Bows To Math, Viking Weed
Feb 18th – Auckland: Basement – ALL AGES?
+ God Bows To Math
Feb 19th – Tauranga: House Show* – ALL AGES
+ Threat Meet Protocol
Feb 20th – Auckland: House Show* – ALL AGES

Australian tour April 2011

mr sterile Assembly Australian tour poster April 2011

UPDATED TOUR DETAILS: mr sterile Assembly return to Australia for up to eight shows in nine days. A swift tour stopping to play with some of Oz’s finest noise makers. There are the complete details.

  • APRIL 15 FRIDAY: Venue: Black Wire- SYDNEY w/ Ya Aha, Crouching 80’s + Yes, I’m Leaving!. 7pm
  • APRIL 16 SATURDAY: Venue: Jake’s Hais – NEWCASTLEw/Cistern Corrupt, Scalps, Lenin Lennon + Drillbit
  • April 17 SUNDAY PUNK OUTSIDE #9 Venue: Steel Street, Marrickville: w/Slogan Free Youth + Black Vat Trio + No Such Luck + Michael Crafter[7″ launch] – start 2pm, FREE
  • APRIL 19 TUESDAY : Venue: Make it Up Club, Fitzroy- MELBOURNE – no songs, IMPROV
  • APRIL 20 WEDNESDAY: Venue: Bar Open, Fitzroy- MELBOURNE w/Fitzroy, Adam Simmons Vs Brian O’Dwyer, + Dead Ants
  • APRIL 22 FRIDAY: Venue: KOF Gallery 68 Pink Oak Cr, Flemington, Melbourne. w/Onion Engines + Sohei + Go Genre Everything!
  • APRIL 23 SATURDAY Live to air 3CR 2-4pm
  • APRIL 23 SATURDAY : VENUE: The Victoria: 380 Victoria Street, Brunswick : w/DEAD + Galactic Entertainment Ensemble

    These shows would not have been made possible without the fabulous help of Tenzenmen in Sydney, who has organised the Sydney CD release function. Big cheers to Even from Jake’s Hais in Newcastle. And in Melbourne Don at  Neumusak who has been key in organising two shows, Black Wire, Dave at KOF, Jem from DEAD for being super helpful, and the good folk from Go Genre Everything. Big thanks also to Garage Collective for the stunning image for the poster.

    See you there!. It will be a blast

  • Australian tour – April 2011

    mr sterile Assembly are in the throws of organising a small tour of Sydney & Melbourne, Australia. We land in Sydney April 15 & depart Sunday 24th April.

    Shows: April 15 Sydney – Black Wire

    April 16 Newcastle –Jake’s Hais

    April 19 Melbourne – Make it Up Club

    We are also interested in playing any show in the local environs to these cities. If you are interested in having us play somewhere in these areas then please make contact with us and we shall see what we can do.

    A TRANSITional Update

    The years sliding quickly to timely demise, with a new one hot on its heals. It seems it would be good to take this chance to quickly update a few recent happening, info on how the album is progressing, and maybe a few other incidentals along the way.

    The Album is progressing slowly and surely,  we have had to reevaluate our timetable a couple of times. We are spending a lot longer on the mixing that we had initially planned. The song-mix tally to date is that we have 1 song left to mix then we are at the final tweaking stage. From that point mastering follows quickly.  We anticipate this’ll be done by the end of the year. We’re not stressing, it’s worth the wait and we are learning ever such a lot along the way.

    We have fully compiled the art for the album. Our design includes two booklets to accompany the disc,  each song with a original work of art accompanying the track.9/11ths of the artwork has been generously provided, upon invitation, to illustrate and illuminate the overall concept of the song. We have artwork by Roger Morris, James Robinson, Kerry-Ann Lee, Tao Wells, Campbell Kneale, Stefan Neville, Andrew Ross, Deborah Barton, Garage Collective, Jeff Henderson, and Suhartono(big story around this piece coming later). To the left is a sneak preview of the beautiful art supplied by Kerry Ann Lee to accompany the title track TRANSIT.

    Our intention for 2011 is to tour the physical artworks with our performance. There will be a few interesting logistical aspects to figure along the way, but it will be a fun opportunity to present the art and music , while touring the cd, and at the same time I hope this will open up a few new venues for us to play.

    We will also be releasing this disc with support from TENZENMEN, a very noble independent DIY label from Australia.

    We have just been featured in the Dec/Jan edition of a online music magazine from the states called Perfect Sound Forever. This interview took place of several months, and now contains one or two inaccuracies (there is no text on the album now sung in Te Reo) but we have four songs with front man Dean Hapeta, from the legendary Upper Hutt Posse, adding fantastic text and vocals to these track. These inaccuracies are due mainly to us changing our minds/plans/ideas along the way. This interview  a nice overview of the last 10 years of the Assembly and beyond. Thanks massively to John Lockwood for the offer to participate in this, and the editing and authorship of this article.

    • A new blog posting at THIS LINK about a recent show in the grand city of Whanganui.
    • We now have a twitter account at THIS LINK.
    • There are ongoing updates and contacts added to this new website. Enjoy.