non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Two shows and a chat

To commence the release of the new cd we are taking a jaunt north. The ‘official’ release is next week but this album is like a dollar burning a hole in your pocket, got to get the bugger out. So we head north with a small quantity. Help ease us of our burden.

Nov 27 Wine Cellar 2015Friday 27 November at the Wine Cellar with The Biscuits and Bonehead. Totally stocked to be playing woth Biscuits, they werw recently in wellington and played a blinder, fantastic. And the last time I saw Bonehead was when he won a award from Arts Access Aotearoa in the halls of Parliament, he then had the opportunity to present a piece of work…sonic anarchy.

Saturday 28 Nov at The Audio Foundation 2pm. Were gonna chat about stuff, maybe the process and thinking behind the cd and artwork???maybe something else? We are open to distraction.

Saturday 28 November 8pm at UFO with Mucus Kids on their home turf. After doing a bunch of shows with Mucus this year it’ll will be cool to see them in their most familiar environment.

Other big things happening this weekend is the civic mobilisation around the country in response to our precipitous man made changing environment.
And a lively show at the Audio Foundation in auckland on sunday for our goid friend Pumice to release his 19th album…gutted to missed this one.

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