non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Some things end

Munki Studio, the home of the NZ’s Secret Intelligence Service, the facility in which we are recording our newest album is in transition. The studios time has come to an end in this current facility and is destined to move in the next few weeks . The building is going to be demolished and included into the park adjacent.

Munki is the studio where we recorded Transit four years ago(much of the art work from that albums package is the hallowed halls of Munki), and the home of the newest album in progress.

goldie filming aug 2015We are MOST chuffed to be asked to return with all equipment and to lay down the last actual studio recording. This we did recently, and we were accompanied by the full surveillance of cameras and microphones that documented this final process. All this footage is going to be compiled into the historic document of the end of the old house of spooks, and the cultural significance it has had for many local creative types.

And as a last bash, there is going to be a final party to send the old ship off, this is going to be at Munki across 3 different staged sites. We, among many, will play brief set, to which will be film and broadcast live over the web (I understand it will remain for view after the fact as well). This is all happening today! Saturday 22 August 2015! So you can watch online tonight with your dinner if your elsewhere – streaming starts 4pm NZ time.

As far as the album goes, we are not quite complete of the recording process, perhaps one more session to finish of the vocals etc and then we will be done. This is going to have to happen when the Munki resettles into the new digs in Miramar. But it’s sounding ALL good mate!

So to Mike, Flo & kids, and all the spooks from the nations paranoid history, you treated us real well.

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