non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

It’s not over yet

recording We have just completed our intensive period at Munki Studios laying down the 11 rhythm tracks for the new album.

There was, obviously, some anticipation about this process (you may have noticed that we do write songs with stupid parts sometimes). With only the bass and drum kit to focus on, time was able to be allocated to get the maximum, and most interesting, sounds – success!! The phrase ‘better than anticipated’ comes to mind. It’s definitely exciting hearing it come together so solidly.

Watching as all the versions were recorded -errors and all, it seemed we had collected somewhere in the vicinity of six hours of playing; only about 45 minutes of that is what we need for the album. It was certainly an act of endurance -think of it as six hours of five-nine minutes sprints and you’ll start to get an idea of the effort exerted. We broke skins, sticks, skin and cymbals. We played hard, dynamic, and like there was no next take. Well chuffed we are!

There is still plenty of work to do though. Chrissie has a few additional bass parts parts and a couple of other colourful embellishments to add, and then the vocals need to be done. It’s still early days, but needless to say, our expectations are being met (and they can often be unreasonably high). Then there’s the artwork and packaging…

Our crowd-funding project for the production of the CD package continues. To date there are 54 confidence-enhancing contributors. Today we breached the $2k mark – 70% of required target. There is still two weeks to go. If you feel you are able to contribute then we would love you to take a look at our Pozible page which provides much more information.

With our added confidence we are exploring upgrading our CD packaging, more about this later.

We’ve included a wee video to this page with a bit more info on why we think this a good project.

It’s be a monumental few days. Feeling both knackered and elated at the same time, we think we’re definitely making something here that’s gonna give Transit a decent run for its money.

Explanatory video #1 ‘It’s all Over’ — why so special?? from mr sterile on Vimeo.

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