non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

So long and thanks for all the Vietnamese Vina noodle dishes


imageWhat a splendid weekend!

Many thanks to all the fine folk in Sydney for the organising, attending and encouraging at the 3 shows we have just played.

The Record Crate, in Glebe, on Friday was grand…who knew the pub owner was an old boy from Palmy, the apple don’t fall far. Huge thanks to Pale Heads from Melbourne, Dead Farmers, and Yes, I’m Leaving for letting us jump on the bill.

imageSaturday was the Sydney Anarchist book fair after party, rocking away in the shop window at Jura Books. The photo to the right is a sculpture in the Addison Rd Community Centre, where the bookfair was held this year – a fantastic space reclaimed from a once-upon-a-time army barrack site.

imageAnd Sunday at Black Wire in Annandale – hard to believe it’s been 4 & 1/2 years since our last show there – great to see it still going and great to see the line up – Arafura, Twinrova and Ted Danson with Wolves

And food! Newtown with it’s vegan/vegetarian Vietnamese (Vina) and Thai (Green Palace) restaurants!!! so good!!

And we found a Catbus hitching a lift on a Totoro too, not bad for a weekend away.image

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