non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

A Gland Down Under

Black wire gig 2015It’s been quite a while…..quite a while.

But we are very pleased to say, hooray, we’re going back to Sydney, very soon…this weekend!

We have 3 shows in Sydney.

Friday June 12 : Venue – The Record crate : Pale Heads (LP release party) , Yes I’m Leaving, Dead Farmers, (& us) $10, 8pm

Saturday June 13 : Venue –Sydney Anarchist Bookfair After Party 2015Jura Books : with A Commoner’s Revolt, Slyng Shot and Cap a Capo (& us). 142 Addison Road Marrickville

Sunday June 14 : Venue : Black Wire Records : with Ted Danson with Wolves, Twinrova, Arafura (& us). Starts 3pm, $10, All ages show, BYO …(Really looking forward to this….LOVE Ted Danson with Wolves)!!

Therefore, see you across the ditch! We’re predicting it’ll be a blast.

Raging against your machine



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