non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Great Job

We have just completed a fantastic couple of shows in the towns of Levin and Palmerston North.
Levin was at a community-run, membership basis venue called the Alternative Entertainment Bureau. The A.E.B is a totally sterling, supportive, welcoming and inclusive group, making welcome a wider range or people across the age span. What it lacks in fancy equipment(though it was absolutely perfect for us) it makes up in heart. It’s brilliant to see such a wonderful thing happening in Levin. A special treat to play with Fusion, a couple of lads from Himatangi, aged 11 & 13. They play five of their own compositions, swapping instruments, and engaging with the audience – who were super supportive and encouraging. What a great environment for these young players to test the water and gain confidence.

In Palmerston North we played at Great Job, a great youth-focused, all-ages, crowd-funded & dry venue. A bright upstairs venue putting on a structured format for local. Nice back-line provided, and again very easy and welcoming. It was super cool to see a bunch of folk from Levin and Himatangi make the small hike over to Palmy to see the show

This video was filmed by a bloke fromthe Czech Republic, who had happened to be Living in Palmy. cheers for uploading it.

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