non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

About time for a show or two

Nowhere 2014Well, it maybe seems like things may have been very quiet here. And certainly, publicly that is true. It’s been maybe six months since we last played, the last show was way back in May in London.

Since coming home though, we’ve been busy. We’ve been quietly beavering away working on a whole batch of new song and thinking about,and then working on, a new set of clothes. And Now we’re ready.

Needless to say were right chuffed about the new tunes. It’s taken a bit of hammering, but now there ready to play out. And we have just started to contemplate the next step. Once we are totally happy with the songs (once we see how they fare in public) then we start to  plan for recording for a new album. Brilliant.

Here’s our coming shows:

  • FRIDAY 7 NOVEMBER: Levin : Venue – Alternative Entertainment Bureau
  • SATURDAY 8 NOVEMBER : Palmerston North : Venue – Great Job : w/Rob Thorne, & SODA BOYZ
  • SATURDAY 15 NOVEMBER : Auckland : Venue – Audio Foundation : Nowhere Festival
  • THURSDAY 4 DECEMBER : Wellington : Venue – Valhalla : w/TBA
  • THURSDAY 18 DECEMBER : Wellington : Venue – Valhalla : with G T Arpe (Korea) & Samin Son
  • Hope to see you out there!

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