non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

The swift Czech tour ends

Domazlice tour poster
This poster, taken 25 April on a bollard on a street in the western Czech city of Domazlice, announced our final show of our swiftest tour ever.

While holidaying in the UK with family, we organised a short detour from family life to spend three days on the road with always spectacular Už Jsme Doma.

The first show was at the stately Prague venue, Akropolis. The second show at a public event in the Ceske Budejovice promoting anti-racism. We were told that there had been a serious assault on some members of the Roma community by right-wing thugs, following this was a large public demonstration of approximatly 2000 locals *supporting* the neo-nazi thugs instead of the victims. The final show was in the beautiful city Domazlice, in a great pub called Mysketo.

Immense thanks to Mireck, Yarda, Adam, Pepa and Romek for making a very brilliant excursion into this Republic.

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