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Beyond the Ohlala Mountains: Alan Brunton / Poems 1968-2002 Book Launch


Alan at The Space, Sally at our wedding

Alan at The Space, Sally at our wedding

Quite a few years ago, and for a few of years, we had the lucky fortune to be able to spend a good number of years adding our creative efforts to the theatrical projects of Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwell. Sally and Alan were know initially for the theatre group Red Mole, and later Roadworks, creating spectacular theatre on a meager budget, combining mind-boggling physical-theatre performances with the intellectual gymnastics of the  text. Many show incorporated live music, mask work, devised pieces, and encyclopedic references to stories throughout time and space.

Tragically Alan died on tour in 2002, and Sally four years later  in 2006.

The following performance is a launch of a book of Brunton’s words, here’s the press release:

OhlalaTitus Books is proud to launch Beyond the Ohlala Mountains: Alan Brunton / Poems 1968-2002. Drawing on twelve published collections and the rich resource of his papers, editors Michele Leggott and Martin Edmond present a selection that shows for the first time the scope of Brunton’s poetics as well as his trademark linguistic bravura.

Join us for a glass of wine to launch the book with readings and performances in the spirit of Red Mole and Roadworks, those experimental theatre troupes that put so many of Alan Brunton’s words in the mouths of singers, musicians and actors.

Performers include Ruby Brunton, Anne Kennedy, Arthur Baysting, Barry Saunders, Bob Orr, Brian Potiki, International Superstars of Westlynn, Jean McAllister, Jeff Henderson, John Davies, John Newton, Kilda Northcott, Ksenija Chobanovich, Leila Adu, Madeline McNamara, Mr Sterile Assembly, Murray Edmond, Nisha Madhan, Peter Simpson, Russell Haley, Stephen Bain and Tony McMaster.

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Venue: Wharekai of the University of Auckland’s Waipapa Marae. 16 Wynard Street, Auckland
Date: thursday 27 March 2014
Time: 7pm

In addition: Here is the great video Zucchini Roma, documents the work of Red Mole theatre group in vibrant days. A great film capturing Alan, Sally, Madeline and more. enjoy

And an AMAZING video made in 1979 where Red Mole where on the road in Aotearoa New Zealand, in another time, with splendid vehicles.

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