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Shows for the end of a year

The last part of the year is rapidly approaching, and there are a final few shows before the end.

Firstly, Fang Fest, the inaugural Auckland Punk festival is to be held at the Whammy Bar and Wine Cellar on Labour Weekend this year, October 25/26/27. Bands galore, hot chips and movies. We are playing on the Friday night,and there is a grand and diverse spread of sounds over the entire event.  Splendid curation.

Mighty Mighty Nov 2013Then, Friday November 8 see’s us return to that beautiful local haunt, Mighty Mighty, for a show with the ‘experimental psycho-tropic’ outfit E N T.  $5 entry

The poster is a design we have been sitting on for a while, looking for the ‘right’ show to show off such a wonder. We were gifted this design from a generous bloke who we met last time we were in Yogyakarta, Java in 2011. Endry Pragusta is the artist, and we are deeply thrilled to be able to use this piece of work, thank you.

Saturday November 9 see a return to Space Monster in Whanganui with a wicked lineup: The All Seeing hand +Seth Frightening +Gains + us. By the by, The All Seeing Hand have also just released their second full length album, titled Mechatronics, with support from Tenzenmen and Muzai Records. And it’s a corker. A wide dynamic sonic spread of beats, electronics, drums and vocal reminiscent of a black metal growling/Mongolian throat singing/Nina Hagen WTFing dance band. It’s absolutely worth the price of the admission, and some.

Couple weeks later, Saturday November 30, a wee jaunt to the seaside town of Paekakariki to play a show in the hall on the main street with Bad Edison, and some others, more information on this later.

Finally, some planning is under way for a bigger trip next April to the UK. This is mostly for personal reasons but we are going to squeeze in 4 or 5 shows along the way. Needless to say, since we are going to be so close to the Czech Republic we figuring on a small excursion for two shows there with some good friends.

A big focus for this year has been to write a new body of material with a view to recording a new album sometime soon. We almost there,  the home demos seem to indicate the tunes sit well with each other, just need a couple more then we have a good body of work to choose from. Then what?

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