non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

CROWD SOURCING for the TRANSIT video project

We are in the process of an extensive video making project with the wonderful John Lake, and we would like to CROWD SOURCE some video material for the  song TRANSIT . More will be explained about the wider project at a later date.

On the song Transit between the point 3.31 and 3.59 there is a drop out section of vocals ONLY!

Here’s what we want you to do. On your computer camera, or any camera device you have, we want to you to add your voice, and more importantly , the moving image of your self singing along to the vocal-only section.The material we receive will then be added to the final edit.


I’m quite excited about the idea of using this crowd sourcing technique to help develop the project. It feels like an exciting way to reach out into the world, and who know what may be returned.

If you feel a bit nervous having your naked face on screen, we suggest you try and ‘sterilise’ your self in some way.

We don’t really have any gifts to offer in return for your efforts other than our gratitude, but we’ll have a think and maybe we can come up with something.

This is a no budget project, as in we have no money, lo-fi.

So please add your face and voice. The words are:
Man swallows, his own tail, open mouth expectant, waiting to swallow.
Women swallows, her own tail, open mouth expectant, waiting to swallow.

Go for it (if you wish to capture footage for other parts of the song then please do, no promises we will use it, but we might, and the more the merry in terms of footage to work with).

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