non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

The General Pathetic – new solo album by mr sterile

PacifierThe long procrastinated album The General Pathetic, a solo collection from mr sterile, is officially now complete! and online (only at this point in time) in our SHOP.  A limited number of physical copies will be available in a month or two from shows only.

Nine rambling, junkish, stumbling songs. A couple of the tunes were recorded and unearthed from the early to mid last decade, the rest are more recent. Guest appearances by Chrissie Butler and early sterile performer Francesca Mountfort.

A release last year called Setting Fire to Bob, released on 8″ acetate by Root Don Lonie for Cash, is the companion piece to General Pathetic. The track Setting Fire has been remastered and rightfully now belongs alongside the rest of this racket.

So please, pop over and download. It’s up to your discretion should you wish to leave a few dollars for the album, always appreciated, but if funds are an issue, then no worries.

It feels good to clear this from the decks.

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