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Return of Rojac Sotong: Southeast Asia tour 2011

Southeast Asia poster by Joe KiddIn July 2011 we returned to Southeast Asia for our second tour of the region. This page is the collected archive of that event.


  • 15 Friday Malaysia, KL: venue:@ Rumah Api, Ampang HOW HIGH CAN A PUNK GET part2. 
    with Atomgevitter (Scotland), Family Man (Germany), GeenNaam, Crimescene, SMG, Prisma Fosil!
  • 16 Saturday Malaysia, Tampin: venue: The Seventh Heaven This Is For The Heart Still Beating
    with Atomgevitter (Scotland), Family Man (Germany), Alice (Jakarta), Devilica, Maddthelin, Memorial, Shallows Dance, Hurricane & Channeling Mahatma
  • 17 Sunday Java, Surabaya – Cancelled
  • 18 Monday Java, Blitar
  • 20 Wednesday Java, Yogyakarta: venue: Universitas Sanata Dharma, Gejayan area: Summer Breeze:
  • Tampin Poster21 Thursday Java, Bandung: Cancelled
  • 22 Friday Java, Bekasi: venue: Dromotora studio, bulak kapa.
    with Individual distortion, serigala jahanam, kashmir acid rain, get it today, gudangXgaram and sangkala worship
  • 23 Saturday, Malaysia, KL: venue: MyEvo Clubhouse
  • 24 Sunday Malaysia – Mentakab: venue Arjuna Studio Silent Night Gig
  • 28 Thursday Singapore – venue: The Pigeonhole
  • 29 Friday Singapore – venue: Playfreely experimental music night, improv
  • 30 Saturday Malaysia, KL MapKL, Solaris Dutamas, KL

Tour Diary:

We have documented our experiences of our journey through the region, the incredible people we met, thought we were made to think, and sounds we had the privilege of hearing.

Filmakers anonymous posterSoutheast Asia Tour Diary Tour diary 1: Kuala Lumpur – Think like a fish
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 2: East Java – Punk Rock’s rock setup
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 3: Jogjakarta – Roadside still life
Southeast Asian Tour Diary 4: Bekasi – A chicken sleep at the hairdressers
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 5: A mosquito’s respite between Temerloh and Mentakab
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 6: Fishing for lightening
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 7: Transient in Singapore
Southeast Asia Tour Diary 8: Farewell KL


We have a swag of images posted to this Flicker link

Stella – The Video:

While we were in Blitar the Ni Kita Jibril made this video clip for the song Stella. An extraordinary experience. The young girl that appears in the video is Stella Shine Rhamadani.

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