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The April Australian tour 2011

In April 2011 mr sterile Assembly travelled to the cities of Sydney, Newcastle, and Melbourne for eight planned shows in nine days hot on the heals of the release of TRANSIT.

Here is a brief collection of links, facebook posts and photos to capture the event. All italic’s posts lifted from our facebook page, written sporadically on the road.


Chrisse arrives at Black Wire

wake 4am NZ time[2am Oz time] head to airport – fly & arrive Oz 8am Oz time, dawdle at airport for a bit, sleep on floor and eat, into town to Black Wire, snooze, eat, liquor, showtime -fantastic, cheers to those folk who played and participated, then pack down, into car and 2 hour drive to Newcastle, arrive 2.30 then BED! i’m sure that was a 26 hour day! wicked.

Yes, I'm Leaving!

Black Wire was brilliant, a shop by day and venue by night, holding shows most weekends in this bizzarely quiet part of Sydney. We were hopeful the legendary Pure Evil Trio were going tp play but alas it was not to be. However, the evening was sufficiently entertain with fellow performers Ya Aha, Crouching 80’s Hidden Acronym, +Yes, I’m Leaving!.

We later received THIS really nice review from the Seagull Chainsaw blog from the Black Wire show.

Day 2:

Jake's HaisWakes in Newcastle, excellent! slow time, coffee & repeat, mooching about, go to Jake’s Hais – the venue, use to be an old doctors surgery “I use to come here as a kid for injections and shit” quotes one, walk the empty empty quiet and empty streets, showtime, and it’s an intimate, lovely show, pack up then back to Evan’s – lovely man thank you immensely, beer then bed.

Another beaut show, this time with Scalps, Lenin Lennon + Drillbit. A fantastic combination of atmospheric drone, three piece rock, and  industrial noise. It was an intimate show, tightly packed into the small space. Earlier in the day had a splendid time exploring the deserted streets discovering gorgeous art.

 Day 3:

GloryholeWakes, coffee & repeat, catch train back to Sydney, collected by shaun then off to the alleyway, bloody big alleyway, big enough to drive a car down, between battalions of punks, anyway, the sky threatens rain but holds off – yay, four punk band, us and a sweet klezmer styled accordion, trombone, violin trio to wrap the evening up. The meal of the day was a full vegetarian thai restaurant in Newtown – astounding!!! Now, correspondence, whiskey and sleep. good night

A two hour train ride back to Sydney from Newcastle, collected by Shaun from Tenzenmen then off Slogan Free Youthto lunch in Newtown. Then to the mid-afternoon show.  Wonderful, an outside generator powered event, nestled between warehouses with the frequent 737 roaring overhead for acoustic accompaniment in the Marrickville area. As the dusk arrived John from Pure Evil Trio and two accomplices serenaded the audience with beautiful acoustic tunes after an afternoon of intense and energetic performances. Congrats to Michael Crafter for this day marks the release of their new 7″.

Day 4:

rest day, more thai food, beer at Sandringham pub -drink a whale ale while reading william burroughs ‘Last Words’, then to cd shop – found a great new band to listen too- De Høje Hæle , got the cd. Chilling out now then flight to Melbourne tomorrow.

Time to do the washing, mooching about, just enjoying the last day in Sydney before heading to Melbourne in the morning. Left Shaun’s and went to stay with a friend of Chrissie’s. While checking the net that night came across this interview from Invercargill newspaper, The Southland Times.

Day 5:

Tuesday: Arrived Melbourne then navigated the bus/train/footpath systems to our most warm and wonderful hosts Jen & Zac from Go Genre Everything, everything fell into place for the show, Jen let me use her beautiful drums and Zac lent the bass gear. Make it up Club, the line up was us & the Tim Pledger’s Product. We played an approx 30min, intense, spirited & dynamic flurry.

The blurb from the Make It Up Club: – Tonight at the MIUC, we make connections between the complex improvisatory potential and extreme rhythmic variations inherent in two discrete genres. In Melbourne this fortnight, for a swathe of punk shows, New Zealand’s answer to Sabot and No Means No, Mr Sterile Assembly, return for a hyper, free-math-rock, punk-complexity duo onslaught of fractured beats and intense timbres—their only complete improv show of the tour.

A long journey from the plane to the venue, some creative use of the trolley to help transport gear by hand over some significant distance. But well welcomed once through the door’s on Gillies St. A swift trip across down to collect equipment and then onto the show. Able to settle once set-up, beered, and fed. Spontaneous music ala mum+dad-spazz-core!

Day 6:

Woke Wednesday, big rain day then back to  Bar Open for the Neumusak show. Two improv performances and us to top the evening off. Nice connections at the end and some evident enthusiasm for our set, nice.

A set each by Fitzroy, Adam Simmons Vs Brian O’Dwyer, + Dead Ants Rainbow. Dead Ants was a larch ensemble, drums, 3 sax, 2 electric bass, and one & at times two electric guitars, free psychedelic improvising with distinct dynamic adjustments. Adam Vs Brian, a sax/drums duo playing an intense free set, the sax player prior to playing recounted stories of shows in the Czech republic with friends of ours, while the drummers played an impressive and deep set of drums accentuated by sterling double kick.
Thanks to Don from Neumusak for helping out with this show.

Day 7:

A full day off, washing, walking and milling about in the sun. rock n roll!!!

Day off, brilliant, the costumes getting rank so time to do something about it.

Day 8:

KOF Gallery, Flemington, SydneyNo net connection. KOF Gallery show this evening.

Street Art , KOF Gallery, Flemington, Sydney

This afternoon was also the originally planned live-to-air at the community radio station  3CR, but events beyond anyone’s control conspired and it didn’t happen.

Day 9:

Onion EngineIt’s now saturday morning, played KOF gallery last night and Zac, Go Genre EverythingFANTASTIC. Great wee gallery underneath the Flemington/Newcastle train stop, a pneumatic & soothing sound to sleep by. But the show, Go Genre Everything, Onion Engines & Sohei all played great & diverse music. A tight and intimate affair in an ex-florist shop, very warm receptive and intensely fun! Tonight, last stop The Victoria in Brunswick

KOF ruled!, a fantastic and fun night. mr sterile Assembly at KOF, Flemington, SydneyOnion Engine started, junk-percussive loops, built in rambling lush layers. Tom Waits meets Moondog. Go Genre Everything, Jen, Go Genre Everythingif Ian Curtis and Jello Biafra had a baby, maybe he would sound a little like Zac, backed by a cascading tom-slide of percussion and the distinct [maybe] Jap-pop-noise styled vocals of Jen –  fun. They have a FANTASTIC new album out, called Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness, do get. Sohei, live mixing of beats, sounds, and general sweet party vibe. Great to see Edo, Mishu and the other Video Masty group here, we met them in Sydney, and now they are on tour, heading towards Adelaide but great to see turn up at KOF.

sterile TotoroWe played Brunswick that evening with DEAD, and Galactic Entertainment Ensemble  – a last minute replacement as Vodnik unable to play. GEE, a electro-acoustic three piece started the evening off. Then DEAD, what can you say, a two-piece power house, of tightly observant music. Heavy, charged, and fucking loud! Touring south east Asia soon, it should be a n exciting tour. Then us, our final show for the tour. Was amazing to see people return from shows played earlier in the week. After the show, pack up and driven to the airport by Jem, cheers, we had an early check-in so we decided to spend the hours between playing and flying hanging out in the quiet & cold Melbourne airport.

Day 10:

4.19 am, cant sleep anymore on the cold airport chairs. Chrissie, 4.30am, Melbourne airportFinished tour with last show at The Vic and came straight to airport as theres only a few hours to kill, DEAD were awesome! very pleased to see them exibit their majesty. Also brilliant to see a bundle of people return to see the show who attended previous event, good on ya. So here’s a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped out, came along, played silly buggers and generally made our brief experience this time around in Oz wicked.


Thanks to Shaun[Tenzenmen] Tom & Charlie at Black Wire, Tim for hanging out, Even for being lovely and organising spectacularly, Jake and the folk at Jake’s Hais, John – super lovely John of the Accordion, Don – Neumusak, Edo, Mishu and the other Video Nasties, Sean MIUC, Troy, Bar Open, Jen and Zac – your star’s, Jem – thanks extra, Dave and KOF – the pleasure was ours, all those others that we contacted and that helped in their own way during the organising phase, and to all you other miscreants, cheers!


mr sterile Assembly Australian tour poster April 2011

mr sterile Assembly Australian tour poster April 2011

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