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1st review for TRANSIT by Ghetto Punk Rocker(USA)

1st review of new mr sterile Assembly album, Transit , HERE from the online mag Ghetto Punk Rocker, by John M. Ellison IV based in the US of A.

Just got this album from one of my favorite New Zealanders, “Transit” by mr sterile Assembly. “Transit” is an album peppered with horns, bass, drums, vocals, unorthodox time signatures and more song structure changes than a politician with commitment issues. I would imagine most amateur and some seasoned drummers would get a wrist cramp by just even listening to this album! How can I put a label on an album like this? I can describe the overall sound of the album of being reminiscent of late 60’s mid 70’s era Frank Zappa, a funkier variant of Devo and an artier ska-punk sound with one of my favorite cuts off the album “I Robert.”
Readers, this is actually one of the rare reviews that are going to be less than 300 words because this album has left me speechless.

Even though I enjoyed all 11 songs, I would say the choice cuts off of here would be compositions such as “Jesus Heals the Blind”, “I Robert”, “Stella”, “Axe and the Olive Tree” and the title cut, “Transit.”

In closing, mr sterile Assembly’s album “Transit” is great for punks trying to get more into jazz or anybody in a Frank Zappa or Primus state of mind.

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