non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand


James Robinson - Universe Monster!, 2010

James Robinson - Universe Monster!, 2010

Yeah everybody’s caught in this war
Between better judgment and acquiescence
In the minds’ battlefields perception
Provokes decision so be aware
It’s psychological abuse to deny
What should be, but isn’t
Too quickly discounted are dreams
For debilitation, madness …Whyt

Go scan the horizon, for a flag promoting peace
Find a dove with an olive branch, a roasting tray underneath
Look for the holy man, find the filings of his sharpened teeth
Seek the truth behind the spin, get pepper-sprayed by police
Sometimes a shoulder’s needed
They’re compassionless these flocks of shells
Then your confidence fails you and you damn it all to hell

There’s a minefield in the playground, it’s explosive in your mind
Beware those claiming righteousness, advance the might of any kind
In a world set to label you, your moods and shopping needs defined
On the stage the wrongs put right, you struggle to find the time
Sometimes a shoulder’s needed when living’s like a prison cell
Restraint maintains the status quo it’s sugar sweetened I can tell

The sun melts away the night, if you let it you’ll feel warm
Ma said, “Don’t ever play with fire”, now it’s turning up to burn
The camp’s expand in Purity and sing the Lord his love is stern
And proclaim the original sin, was to question and to learn
Sometimes a shoulder’s needed or some shelter or a meal
When freedom’s gained at thrice the price
Can you buy the health to heal?
Sometimes a shoulder’s needed or some shelter or a meal
It’s a miracle you’re an optimist, ‘cos sometimes your hell is real

We fight the fight for improvement
Stop them ecocidal lunatic confusement
Because we nah dead although them continue killing
Maiming, executing, imprisoning, polluting
All this crime that them do cannot defeat
The purpose, the will, the words to speak
The truth, the fact, no hidden crap
Just stay on track, just stay on track

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