non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Bug my Ride

Andrew Ross - Damaged plate glass salvaged from the Whanganui Computer Centre, 2010

Andrew Ross - Damaged plate glass salvaged from the Whanganui Computer Centre, 2010

Intimidation and harassment by agents of the state
Outlawing opposition, criticism, manufacturing hate
Restricting what can be said, accessed or read
And if you protest strong enough you may be found dead
Imprisoned, overcome by public fear and suspicion
In the name of democracy exercising fascism!
Tricked into compliancy because you thought your vote could speak
Thought you were really saying something
But ahh, you’re just bugged and weak
To such an extent you can’t perceive this dastardly state terrorism
Brow beaten by conformism, an apologetic fellow necessarily
Upholding and assisting a failed capitalist society

Check my house on Google Earth, see me stand in my backyard
I’ve seven different passwords, a PIN code and a plastic card
Watch me on the cameras, in the streets and in the malls
Read the transcripts of transmissions from my interesting calls

Logging on, logging off, checking in, track and trace
The electronic shadow left from accessed stuff in cyberspace

I’m south side now from Huxley, Orwell too is just behind
GPS to check my transit, SIS to bug my ride
Fingerprints and DNA, the electro hum of 0 1
Scan the love songs in my texts from your blow-up house in ECHELON

Privacy has had its’ day, print my face for show and tell
These methods are for hidden men the legacy of
COINTELPROtected by the weight of state, defended by the party line
Profit needs security and progress is a state of mind

October 15 2007,
The culmination of two years
spying on environmental, anti-war,
anarchist and indigenous activists,
heightening awareness to the depth and extent to which we can be surveyed.

Note: The image captured by Andrew Ross is of the glass door at the entrance to the Whanganui Computer, the once upon a time repository of the computerised information about NZ citizen. The door was damage in 1982 when Neil Roberts approached the front door with an amount of explosives, detonating at the glass doors and causing some damage. Neil’s action were of a political motivation, protesting at the growing shadow of the state into individuals lives. I think this image is important to this song as just over 25 years later the evidence of the states ability to spy on citizens was brought to the fore as on October 15, 2007, the police asserted its’ dominance with armed defender squads and accusations of terrorism. Which is the more extreme action?

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