non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Axe and the Olive Tree

Roger Morris - On the Road to JerUSAlem, 2007

Roger Morris - On the Road to JerUSAlem, 2007

Bulldozer blames the broken homes
Bullets blame the broken bones
Fist blame the fallen moans
Bully blames the victim

Tower’s tale of fleeing feet
Sniper’s tale of aim and bleed
Wall’s tale of cordoned peace
Tell tales on the victim

Doesn’t matter who’s the holy one in the promised land
Only who’s continuing the disaster of genocide on man
Blame the soldier not the stone, the throw, the hand
See a murder excused by the invader’s demands
These goliath massacres witnessed by the world
Displacement occupation where imposers build
Upon ancient scriptures used to justify walls
Atrocities and horrors for refusing alien rule
Bulldozers, despair, repel, dismantle
Detention, terror, demolition, torture
Checkpoints, intifada, curfew, lookout tower
A home with no restrictions, no anguish, no slaughter
These misguided axes, vicious in their misery
Seeking to exterminate while asking for sympathy
These mighty olive trees, radiant majesty
Sustenance of land and people universally

The axe blames the fallen olive tree
The olive tree falls to the blaming axe
Falling to the axe the olive tree is blamed
The steal of the blade says the trunk of the tree attacked

For Palestine.
“From the window in my small cell
I can see your massive cell”
End of a Discussion With a Jailer, Samih Al-Qasim.

Thank you ActiveStills for the inspirational work in telling these stories.

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