non-fiction rock from Aotearoa New Zealand

Artistic support material for the mr sterile Assembly Quick Response Application Grant 2015 for the CD Persona Ficta [working title]

Demo tracks for Persona Ficta [working title]

Costume design

Development of visual concepts for Persona Ficta. The costume design includes embroidered emblems on sleeves, a large embroidered back patch and medal-like adornments on a deconstructed corporate uniform.


Reviews of the previous album Transit

  • “They look extraordinary, they sound like no-one else, they engage with grassroots politics…, merging poetry, theatre, art and sheer energy.” The Organ (UK)
  • “[Transit] is a literate, rich and engaging album.” NZ Musician (NZ)
  • “…colourful notes, unorthodox beats and stern words just jump around everywhere smacking the clouds of your imagination, and yet they’re in perfect sync with each other”  Seagull Chainsaw (AUS)
  • “The full range of sounds on board includes punk, jazz, rap and pretty much everything in between. What is remarkable is that it is always coherent and holds together, no matter what quirks get thrown into the mix. The glue seems to be the intricate, highly-effective stickwork of Monaghan, reining in even the most abstract of songs.” (NZ)
  • “Amidst the discordance lie some of the most incisive writing…” LioncityDIY (SG)

Music videos from the 2011 album Transit

Music video for the song Transit from the album Transit. Filmed, directed and produced by John Lake. Lake will collaborate with mr sterile Assembly on this project.

Music video of the song Stella from the album Transit. Filmed, directed and produced by collaborators in Java. The song is about a family from their own community.

Transit Bandcamp Page

mr sterile Assembly Facebook Page


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