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R.I.P Pepenk Polutan : 1 September 2014

pepenk & StellaWe received some very sad news.

Our very lovely friend, Pepenk, who we first met in 2007 in Blitar, Java, died today – 1/09/2014 – for what seems like complications to an early onset renal disease.

He was an irrepressible, incandescent rascal, full of life, enthusiasm and boisterous noise. A beautiful human with energy for life, and wicked tattooist to boot.

He leaves behind his mother Pujiati, his wife Vina and new born son Kellen, his sister Lestari and partner Dayan with children Stella and Ardian, and brother Gunawan and wife, and a wide circle of friends.

It has been a pleasure to know, and a friendship we shall always treasure.

Goodbye to our good dear friend Pepenk.

Up The Punks TV

We were recently approached by Wellington Photograph and archivist, John Lake, if we would like to participate in the Up The Punks TV series.

The UTPTV is an extension of the incredible Up The Punks archive that John has been working on for over ten years, collating and documenting the lived history of punk rockers in the capital city of Wellington. It continues to be an every expanding and living record of an incredibly rich local history, that has been recorded and stored on a wiki page, presented as two sizable local exhibitions in 2002 and 2012, a compiling of a cassette of music across the decades with zine, and now this short doco series. Alongside this was a three month stint in Beijing, exporting the Up The Punks to an international level.

It’s an amzing project, and we’re very happy to be included. cheers John.

P.s. John also made the video to the song Transit for us in 2013

DSLB across the sea

The Other Rock ShowI should have posted this earlier, but better late than never.

Marina Organ, one of the grand architects of The Organ Magazine, host of The Other Rock Show on Resonance FM, London, and general all-round super music enthusiast presented a couple of snippets of Chrissie’s DSLB album BlokeBird on the afore mention ResonanceFM.

And even more surprising, when Chrissie appears as poster girl 2014 for The Other Rock Show on the banner above. Such wonderful support, thanks Marina!

The album BlokeBird can be downloaded or purchase by following this link, thanks.


Calling London – mr sterile Assembly at the Grosvenor SW9, Saturday May 3 with 100% Beefcock and the Titsburster, Gobuzli and DJ Howard Jacques


Back at the end of 2013 when we were planning a family trip to the UK, we thought we would take a short detour and slip in a few shows. We organised to return to the Czech Republic to visit friends and play three gigs. And seeing as we planned to stay in London for a bit, a show there seemed too like a good idea.

But it wasn’t so easy from across the planet to plug into he promoter/ gigging network. We had some lovely offers of help at the outset, but it was difficult to pin anything down.

And then we left NZ and arrived with a more clear idea of itinerary and that desire to play was rekindled. We put out feelers and spoke with friends and tried to make some connections now we were amongst the locals.


Ladies and gents, we are pleased to announced that on Saturday 3 May at The Grosvenor SW9 pub,17 Sydney Road, Stockwell SW9, we get to perform for the good, bad and otherwise folk of London.

Address: The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, SW9 0TP London, United Kingdom

Door opens: 8.30


We have the grand pleasure to be playing with Gobuzli,
100% Beefcock and the Titsburster and DJ Howard Jacques.

If your in town then come on down.

Facebook Link

Heres a great blurb from Marina at Organ Magazine on 100% Beefcock and the Titsburster

Thanks for all the help and support:
Jo, Caz, Carol, Rufus, Anaya, Marina, Simon and Andrew at Club Integral

Beating jet lag to a 5/4 beat

For your audio pleasure.

One of the most brilliant things about the Internet is the global access to media that would have either taken months to get your paws on twenty or so years ago, or would have been impossible to access.

One of these now achievable gems is Marina Organ’s weekly The Other Rock Show hosted on Resonance FM in London. This has been a regular source for interesting sounds, focusing specifically on rock music outside the 4/4 mainstream.

I had the esteemed pleasure to be a guest on the show less than 24 hours after the 29 hour haul from Aotearoa NZ to the UK. It was a race between eloquence and racing a brain towards jetlagdom, attempting to avoid the inevitable embarrassment that could ensue. Fortunately, it all turned out for the best.

Follow THIS LINK to the page for the audio. And I recommend checking in often to explore the new tunes spun over the airways.


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